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Winshuttle Composer Help Center

Current Composer Release: 11.2.5.
Release Notes

Where to find the Composer version number

In Composer, click (main menu), then click , and then click About Winshuttle Composer

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Welcome to the Winshuttle Composer Help Center.

Winshuttle Composer provides workflow modeling and form design all from a single, browser-based program. If you are familiar with Winshuttle Designer and/or Microsoft InfoPath, think of Composer as a fusion of the functionality of both of those programs, optimized for the Winshuttle Experience.

Video: Winshuttle Composer Basics Overview

Just getting started? Watch the training video below to learn the basics of making your own solutions in Winshuttle Composer. (Best viewed full screen)

More information

You can get more information, support articles, and training videos at the link(s) below.

Designing faster solutions with Winshuttle Composer

This white paper provides an overview of system optimizations designed to improve solutions created with Winshuttle Composer. It will also help you understand:

  • How solution design impacts solution performance
  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Identifying and correcting performance problems

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