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Getting started with Direct

Step 2. Install

To ensure success, please use the same Windows User Profile to download and install Direct.

Downloadable Setup Installation

After the .zip file is downloaded, you are ready to install Winshuttle Direct.

  1. Find the .zip file that was downloaded in the previous step.
  2. Right-click the file and click Extract All.
  3. Choose where you want the files to be extracted to and click Extract.
  4. Double-click the folder that contains the extracted files.
  5. Right-click setup.exe and click Run as administrator.
  6. In the Install Wizard, click Next>.
  7. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next>.
  8. Enter your Name and Organization name in the window and click Next>.
  9. If you want to install the files in a different location, you can do that here. Click Next>.
  10. Click Next>.
  11. Click Install.
  12. Click Finish.

The files will be extracted and installed on your computer. Continue to the next step to apply your license to your newly installed product.

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