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Query Function Module throttling

One major performance concern around giving users the ability to create queries against the live transactional system is that the query execution could take substantial computing resources that might compete against regular SAP transactions.

Winshuttle Query addresses this issue in a unique way by allocating only available computing resources to execute queries in the live SAP system. Using a patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling™ technology, Query dynamically optimizes the execution of the queries based on the current load on the SAP server at any given time. The available server resources are calculated from the total number of open dialog processes. When over 50 percent of the dialog processes on the SAP system are available, the query is executed at full speed. However, when the available server load starts falling below 50 percent, the execution of the query is slowed down.

The graph below displays the query performance time against the system load with or without the adaptive query throttling algorithm applied. As this clearly shows, when the throttling algorithm is applied, the query execution slows down as the system load is increased. And without the algorithm, the query executes in constant time competing for resources with other transactions on the system.


Scheduled query extraction

Even with the Adaptive Query Throttling feature, a long-running query should ideally be scheduled to run at off-hours.

Winshuttle QUERY allows users to schedule queries so that these queries can be run at off-hours or at pre-set times.

Please see the Winshuttle whitepaper Security Performance/Usability with QUERY.