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WFM transports for existing installations of WFM 10.7

The problem can only occur when installing WFM v10.7 after Transaction FM v10.5.

Only for Installers that were used or downloaded before 13 October 2014.

(WFM V10.7 reference folder "ERP6-70x-731-740" further in the sub-folder "Remove TFM v10.4.1 and v10.5")

The problem can only occur on ERP6 / ECC 6 BASIS release 70x, 731,740.

All cases pertain to performing a step in deleting the Transaction WFM v10.5.

The steps to delete Transaction FM v10.5 as mentioned in v10.7 installer need subsequent steps as mentioned below.

(So as to enable program /WINSHTLQ/QRS_CLEAR_ADDON, if code commented or not found.)

Step 1. Import the hotfix transport W6DK902914.

Step 2.Start transaction code SA38 and execute program /WINSHTLQ/QRS_CLEAR_ADDON.

Step 3. Lastly, import transport W6DK902372.

Procedure to import transports

The transport import is a standard procedure and will come as two files (K900nnn.WxD and R900nnn.WxD); where nnn will be a SAP generated number, x will be 6 for ECC 6, 5 for ECC 5, 4 for SAP 4.7.

  1. Goto DIR_TRANS path (e.g., /usr/sap/trans on Windows NT) ( e.g. \usr\sap\trans on unix ) and copy the files into the subdirectories "cofiles" and "data" as shown below:
    • The K_ file is to be copied into "cofiles" directory.
    • The R_ file is to be copied into the "data" directory.
  2. Log on to SAPGUI and start transaction STMS, and then select the import queue for the target system.
  3. Go to the menu option Others > Extras > Other Requests > Add.
    • Enter request W6DK900nnn (For ECC 6)
    • Enter request W5DK900nnn (For ECC 5)
    • Enter request W4DK900nnn (For SAP 4.7)
  4. Select the request number W6DK900nnn.
  5. Go to Menu option Request > Import, to Import the W6DK900nnn into the system.