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What is the Winshuttle Function Module?

What it is

As an SAP development partner, Winshuttle has the opportunity to develop applications that focus on building or expanding SAP functionality. The Winshuttle Function Module (WFM) is a set of SAP transports available for Winshuttle customers to download and install on their SAP system. The WFM is developed in an exclusive Winshuttle namespace and is certified by SAP's ICC as acceptable for deployment on a given SAP system.

Its purpose

The Winshuttle Function Module was originally developed to improve the performance of Winshuttle queries. The WFM was further enhanced to support Winshuttle's patented Adaptive Query Throttling (AQT).

The WFM was also enhanced to support customized Winshuttle query-specific authorizations that allowed further filtering on query output without the need to change the base SAP security model for authorization groups. This meant that the output of queries could be restricted even further for improved data segregation.

In addition, the WFM can link together several tables in Winshuttle Query (up to a maximum of 25 tables).

When SAP increased the required security levels within SAP for a user to invoke transactions over RFC, the Winshuttle Function Module was enhanced further to support continued use of Winshuttle with SAP without the need to make drastic changes to the SAP security model and without the need to reverse some SAP security notes and patches.

Subsequent releases of the WFM have provided the ability to allow more flexibility with transaction recordings, particularly where a transaction would perhaps misbehave when being called over RFC (behaviour inconsistent with previous ways of working).

In addition, more recent enhancements have included specific pieces of functionality that address very specific use cases and specific transaction codes, document attachment, long text handling, and other aspects of data upload and download that may have been difficult or impossible to handle with regular transactions. The WFM now also supports data document simulation in specific instances in order to further test the quality of data before posting in SAP.

Why you should install the function module

Depending on the SAP system patch level, the nature of the recordings you wish to make or use, and the functionality that you wish to leverage with Studio and the SAP Integration Server, the function module may or may not be a prerequisite. For example, in specific cases where SAP environments have certain patch levels, the WFM is mandatory.

If you do not implement the WFM and you have the security restrictions imposed by SAP as mentioned above, you may have severely limited recording and recording playback options.

Certain enhanced data quality and handling functionality developed for use with Studio, Journal Entry, and the SAP Integration Server is available only if the Winshuttle Function Module is present.

Function Module Upgrades

From time to time, new versions of the WFM are developed, tested, and released. These releases contain performance improvements, enhancements, and new features that may be required to provide extended functionality. Wherever practically possible, the WFM is modified to give due care and consideration to clients that may be running older versions of the software.

Please refer to the Winshuttle Function Module release notes for details of version-specific features.