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Winshuttle and SAP HANA & S/4HANA

Customers replacing their existing database (which supports SAP ERP) with a HANA database can continue running Winshuttle-based processes against this environment. This is true because Winshuttle connects to SAP ERP through the application layer; Winshuttle does not access the database directly at any time.

As always, customers are recommended to perform exhaustive testing before a migration to identify any potential issues. Details of the Certification for Winshuttle for use with SAP ERP on HANA as the underlying database are here.

Customers implementing S/4HANA for the first time will need to leverage BAPIs, identify SAP GUI (Dynpro) transactions, or identify tables and structures that are applicable to the processes they wish to automate.

Customers migrating to S/4HANA have several options which depend on the method and functional area of their migration.

In some instances, legacy transactions will work but need to be re-recorded.

In other cases, cases in which new functionality is introduced, new transactions will need to be recorded. In addition, BAPIs and SAP GUI (Dynpro) transactions or tables and structures applicable to the processes may need to be identified and automated.

Note that it is not possible to record Fiori, Screen Persona or NWBC screens.