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New features in Transaction version 10.6/10.7

Known issues in Transaction version 10.6/10.7

Version 10.7

Version 10.6


Issue Description


SAP system messages are always returned in the native language that SAP was installed in.

Version 10.6 Update 1

JIRA Number

Item Description


In the SAP Logon dialog, Enterprise Portal now appears as the default selection in the Authenticate Using box.


In the rare event that a user name includes the percent sign %, scheduling does not work.


Special characters like Space will not be supported in custom fields names.


The field which has if condition enabled for itself in the loop will get added as

  • another column in the table and
  • a flat structure form in in the WDSL (no hierarchy)


Compare with column will not be supported.

Version 10.6 GA

JIRA Number

Item Description


Windows clipboard (Cut, Copy, Paste) unavailable during Transaction run.


When Author and Runner clients are installed on same machine then un-installation of either author or Runner removes corresponding add-in as well.

Central and Server


Central - Unable to run scripts through command prompt


Central - Modified Scheduled Tasks from Calendar view are not Running

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10.7 Update 1

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