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Getting started with Transaction

Step 1. Download

Welcome to Winshuttle Transaction. These steps will help you navigate your way through downloading, setting up, and using Winshuttle Transaction. We hope that they will answer your questions - but if during the process you run into any problems, feel free to submit a support request here: Contact Customer Support.

The first step in using Winshuttle Transaction is to determine which version (32 or 64 bit) of the installation you need. This depends on the version of Microsoft Excel that you are using. If you are not sure which version of Excel you have, check out this article on how to figure it out.

The next step is getting the software on to your computer. The download links can be found here: Transaction (will open in a new window).

To ensure success, please use the same Windows User Profile to download and install Transaction.

The next step is to install the software.