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Solution development best practices

See below for tips, recommendations, and best practices for developing, maintaining, and migrating Winshuttle solutions.

  • Solution development guide
    General tips and recommendations for the process of building a Winshuttle solution from start to finish, based on input from professional Winshuttle solution developers and subject matter experts. Includes recommendations for building a solution development team and who should be on it, what should be in a requirements document, developing/testing your solution, and more.
  • Form design best practices
    Tips for building forms efficiently. Covers topics such as using SharePoint lists for business rules, tips for creating Web services, and more.
  • Solution lifecycle management best practices
    Guidelines for maintaining your solution throughout its lifecycle, including Excel, Form, and Workflow solutions.
  • Solution migration best practices
    Tips and recommendations for migrating a Winshuttle Designer or Composer solution (and its interdependent parts, such as SharePoint lists and data connections) between environments (from development to production, for example).