Winshuttle Best Practice Guide

The Winshuttle Best Practice Guide is a collection of best practices covering a broad range of Winshuttle products and topics:

Recommended solution design
This section describes basic recommended solution architectures for small and large deployments.

Studio best practices
Best practices for Winshuttle Transaction and Query to streamline script and query production and get solutions up and running more quickly.

Solution development best practices
Tips, recommendations, and best practices for developing, maintaining, and migrating Winshuttle solutions from development through production, including:

Winshuttle Solution Accelerators
Tips and guidelines for designing better forms and workflows. Solution Accelerators represent general, successful methods for creating and implementing forms and workflow solutions for Master Data. These Accelerators will help you streamline and design Winshuttle forms and workflow solutions for Master Data.

Workflow reporting and auditing best practices
Visibility into business process history and performance is critical for every business implementing Winshuttle Workflow. This section outllines various Winshuttle Workflow reporting and auditing options, as well as common use-case scenarios.

Tutorial: Creating your own Vendor Master solution
This tutorial provides a broad overview for using Winshuttle products (Transaction, Query, Designer) with Microsoft InfoPath to create your own Vendor Master Solution.