4. Modify SharePoint data connections

Once you have migrated your SharePoint lists and Libraries to your new Winshuttle Forms Site, you still need to re-establish all of the SharePoint Data Connections within your Winshuttle Solution

There are multiple methods for doing this. Briefly:

  • Use Winshuttle Composer interface to manually change data connections and Custom Controls to refer to the newly established data connection.
  • Use the SVConfigurator tool to do a quick search and replace of your data connections.

Using Composer to modify data connections

  1. Start Winshuttle Composer, and then open the Solution that you are migrating.
  2. On the ribbon, click Solution.
  3. In the Composer Solution pane, click Deployment Profiles.
  4. Add a new profile, or right-click a default profile (Development, Staging or Production), and then click Edit Variants.

  5. In the Deployment Variants window, you will see entries for each data connection. Change/update the SharePoint Site URL to reflect the new environment to which you are migrating.
  6. In the Value field, change/update the name of the SharePoint List if it differs from your source environment.

  7. Click OK.