3. Save SharePoint lists as a template

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint List in which you are wanting to migrate.
  2. On the ribbon, click the List Tab.
  3. Click List Settings.

  4. Under Permissions and Management, select Save list as template

    SharePoint 2013 - Permissions and Management

  5. Enter the File name, Template name, and Template description.
  6. Select the Include Content checkbox, and then click OK.

    SharePoint 2013: Settings Save As Template screenshot

    You should see a success message indicating that the List Template has been saved to the List Template Gallery.

  7. Click the list template gallery link to be redirected to the List Template

  8. Find the saved List Template in the List Template Gallery and click on it so download it.

  9. After the List Template has been downloaded, go to the destination SharePoint Site Collection.

    Note: The List Template Gallery is only accessible from the root site of the site collection.

  10. On the Root Site of the Site Collection, click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.

  11. Under Web Designer Galleries, click List Templates

  12. One the ribbon, click Files, and then click Upload Document.

  13. Click Browse to attach .stp file downloaded in step 8.
  14. Click OK to upload the List Template

  15. On the Summary view, click Save.

  16. Navigate to the Forms Site in which you are migrating your Solution to.
  17. To deploy the List Template to the destination site, click Site Actions, and then click Add an App.

  18. Locate and click your List Template to edit its properties.

  19. Give the List a name.

    Recommendation: Keep the name of the SharePoint List the same as what you named it in the source environment.

  20. Click Create to create the SharePoint list.