Build a development team

After a business problem is identified, you must first:

  • Determine stakeholders for solution development.
  • Build a team to help you plan, develop, and support your solution.

We recommend building a Winshuttle team to plan, design, develop and support your solution. The team should contain as many of the following roles and resources necessary to meet your needs.

Note that not all roles may apply or be required, and in many cases one person may fill multiple roles.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Administrator
  • Microsoft SQL Server Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • InfoPath Developer/Web Forms Developers with the following skills:
    • Programming or knowledge of programming (good to have, but not necessary)
    • SharePoint experience or a SharePoint Power User
  • Workflow Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Winshuttle Transaction/Query Power User
  • SAP Basis Team/SAP Analyst

Often, multiple roles may be filled by a single person, but sometimes a larger team may be required. Winshuttle Team members may be replaced with Subject Matter Experts as new projects come up and different skills are needed.