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Phase 1: Creating the building blocks

To get started, we need to establish some basic "building blocks" for a solution.

Note: This tutorial was designed in a Winshuttle Central 10.x environment. If you are not in a Winshuttle Central 10.x environment, some options/steps will not apply or be accessible to you. See the Introduction for more information.

We'll begin by using Winshuttle Transaction to record and configure basic scripts for use in our solution. Then we'll create a basic form and a basic workflow.

We'll finish this phase by testing and publishing our solution before moving on to the next phase. It's important to have all the fundamentals in place and working at the outset, because we'll be building upon them throughout the tutorial.


The following sample output file(s) are created during this phase.

designer-file-iconVendor basic phase 1 solution file

winshuttle-transaction-iconXK01-XML-Mapping example