Step 3: Create Swimlanes and Participant Resolvers

Before creating Swimlanes and assigning participants, you must configure Designer to point to the SharePoint site where the solution will be published. This is the site from which users/groups will be selected and assigned to Swimlanes.

Configuring SharePoint site settings

In the Designer properties pane, find the to the SharePointSite property and enter the SharePoint site that you would like to publish this solution to. This can be the same site that you used in your deployment profile in Step 6 of Phase 1.

  1. In the Winshuttle Solution Tree Window, expand the Deployment Profiles Group.
  2. Right-click the profile you want to use, and then click Edit
  3. In the Value Column, replace the placeholder {{SPSite}}/ with the complete URL to your SharePoint Form Workflow Site.
  4. In the CENTRAL Site Url field, insert the Full URL of your Winshuttle CENTRAL Site
  5. Click Go to connect to your Winshuttle CENTRAL Site.
  6. Click OK to save your Deployment Profile settings.
  7. In the Properties Pane Window, under Publishing, locate the SharePointSite Property.
  8. Enter the complete URL to your SharePoint Form Workflow Site.

Configure Swimlanes

  1. Now, in the Designer properties pane, under Participants, next to Swimlanes, click […]
  2. Click Add. A new swimlane appears in the Members area.
  3. Add 3 swimlanes:
    • Accounting
    • Purchasing
    • Master Data

For each swimlane in our case, we will use the PersonFromRole participant resolver.

  • In the PersonFromRole resolver, you specify a SharePoint group from which you can select participants.
  • The participant can be selected during design by specifying the name in the User field, or the participant can be selected at run-time through the form’s Process Control (added in Step 2: Add Process Control).

In this case, we will use the run-time selection for all the swimlanes.

Above: Adding Swimlanes

Below: Configuring Swimlanes