Step 4: Create a workflow and assign form views to tasks

In this step, we create the workflow that allows us to collect data from the participants. This workflow is a simple serial workflow that goes through Account and Purchasing first, and ends with the Master Data team.

In Designer, create a workflow that looks like the one shown below. The first node is a Start node, the next 3 nodes (Accounting Review, Purchasing Review, and Master Data Review) are Activitynodes, and the last node is an End node.

Note: When you click on an activity node to select it, you can change its Name in the Property panel. In addition, you can select the Form View associated with that node.

Because our form has multiple views (created in Phase 3: Step 1), we can associate each Activity node with its corresponding form View.



To assign form views to an activity node:

  1. Click the Activity Node.
  2. In the Properties Pane, under Form and next to FormView, click the drop arrow.
  3. Select a Form View from the list.

Once you have associated each form view with an activity node, save the solution file.

You are ready to publish and test the solution.

You can also download the following solution (.wssln) file here:

designer-file-iconVendor-basic-phase3 solution file