Step 5: Publish, test, and view history

Publish the solution file and open the form to test it.

The first view (Requester) displays for the originator. The originator only has to fill out the Basic Vendor Information section.

The originator must also select the Workflow participants for the Accounting, Purchasing, and Master Data because we decided to resolve the participants at run-time.

Once this form is saved and routed, the tasks are sequentially assigned to the appropriate participants in Accounting, Purchasing, and Master Data according to the workflow.

Each participant will see a different view of the form and each must complete different sections. See the examples below.

Example 1: The Accounting participant will see the Requestor information and Basic Vendor information, and they will need to add Accounting information.



Example 2: The final participant – the Master Data team member – will be able to see all sections of the form. The Master Data team member will also able to see the entire workflow history, and they will also have a button to click that pushes the completed vendor record to SAP.