Step 2: Use Query to populate SharePoint lists from SAP

For this step we will begin by downloading the list of countries and regions from SAP.

  1. Open Winshuttle Query.
  2. Click Create Query.
  3. Create the Query with the properties as shown below, and then click OK.

  4. Use the Search function to add the following tables to the Query Builder:
  • T005T
  • T005U
  1. Here we’re going to map drop down list information from SAP to SharePoint.

  2. Now, we will use Query to download lists of regions and countries from SAP to store in SharePoint, which will be used to populate drop down lists as shown below.Note that Language is being used as an input field. The other fields are output fields.

  3. Run a preview of the Query.

  4. Using the Mapper inside Query, change the destination for the data to SharePoint List.

  5. Provide username/password credentials to create the SharePoint list.

  6. Run the Query. (You should receive a success message.)

Changing SharePoint List default item limit

SharePoint lists are limited to displaying 50 items by default, but this can be changed, and in many cases you may need to change it to accommodate larges lists of data.

  1. On your SharePoint Site, click the List tab, and then click Modify View.

  2. Next to Item Limit, set the number of items to display to 2000.

Downloading Terms of Payment (list) from SAP

  1. We don’t know what table the Terms of Payment is stored in, so we're going to use the Search feature in Winshuttle Query to search for the field "Terms of Payment" in the SAP Dictionary.
  2. Next, we find the closest item and then select it.

  3. Next, select the input field (language key) and everything else remains output fields.

  4. Then we create and Export to a new SharePoint List, shown below.