Step 6: Promote form fields to SharePoint lists

Now we want to make some form fields available to SharePoint.

In InfoPath:

  1. Click File, and then click Form Options.
  2. Click Property Promotion.
  3. Click Add, and then select all the fields you want to promote to SharePoint. In this case, we want to promote the following:
    • Company Code
    • Purchasing Org
    • Name 1
    • Requester Name

In addition, we want to promote the Vendor Number field to SharePoint as well, as shown at right.


The following files are samples created by this series of steps. You can download them for reference and to help you create your own solutions.

designer-file-icon Vendor-basic-phase4 (.wssln file)

T005 - Countries-Regions (.qsq file)

T052U-Terms-of-payment (.qsq file)