Step 1: Create name templates

In the following example, we use Winshuttle Designer 10.6 to create a Name Template called VendorRequestNumber.

In the Designer Solution pane, right-click Name Templates, and then click New.

In the Properties Pane, next to Name, type VendorRequestNumber.

In the Solution pane, right-click the newly created Name Template (VendorRequestNumber), and then click Edit.

Assign the Name Template values as shown at right.

This will generate a number format that generates numbers as VR + 6 digit number, such as VR000001.

Once the Name Template is created, we'll import it into the solution. In the Solution pane, right-click Name Templates, and then click Import.

Creating the field in InfoPath

Once you've created and imported your Name Template into the your solution in Winshuttle Designer, you need to connect it to a field in Infopath.

Adding a Field or Group in InfoPath.

Then you'll need to add and configure the Winshuttle FormName control properties.


Click the FormName tab, and then configure the FormName control properties as shown in the example at right.

Testing our final output (Request Number).