Step 2: Add Vendor search selection

In this step we'll be adding a search function to enable form users to search vendors prior to creating a request for a new vendor.

To do this:

  1. We'll first create the search function in Winshuttle Query.
  2. We'll import the Query Script into Winshuttle Designer and configure it.
  3. We'll add a checkbox to our InfoPath form to invoke the search, and configure some rules for it.

Creating the Query script

First, we create the search function using Winshuttle Query. The screenshot at right shows the Output fields.

Note that the Selection column checkbox is checked for match code fields.

  • Match code 1 (MCOD1) = name
  • Match code 3 (MCOD3) = city


After we've created the Query, run a test of it in Winshuttle Query.

Here we search the term the 'Acme' and the query successfully returns results.


With the test complete, now we'll map the fields to output to XML.

We'll save the file and name it Vendor Lookup.qsq.


Importing the vendor search script into Designer

With our vendor search script ready, we are ready to import it (the Vendor Lookup.qsq file) into Winshuttle Designer.


With the script imported, we'll configure its properties, and then configure the field mappings.

Here we're defining the Group (vendorquery), which will create a group folder named VendorQuery in InfoPath.

Configure the service as shown at right, and then click OK.


Check the box next Generate Infopath only for selected webservice, and then click Generate InfoPath Form.


Adding a search checkbox to the form

Now all that's left to do is add the search function to our form.

In InfoPath, add a new section your form called Search, and a new field called Search Flag.




In InfoPath, we'll also create a rule for the Search section to hide it if the checkbox is not checked.

If the checkbox is checked, the search section will be visible to the user.




We'll also add input fields (match code fields) to the form, and add a repeating table where the results from the search will be displayed.


Now we'll add another Web Service control, and configure it to activate our Query.

This also creates a button called 'Search' in the form.



Adding a rule to change lower case to upper case

The Vendor Name Search field must be upper case. To accommodate this, we will add a rule/formula to change the lower case values to upper case.

First we'll create a rule/formula that changes lowercase characters to uppercase characters (shown in InfoPath at right).


Our text box properties to which the rule created above is applied.


Our final form and test results should look something like this: