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Standard Excel solutions

A standard Excel-based solution refers to mass data and form scenarios using Excel for data input templates and optionally one of the preconfigured data review workflows in Winshuttle Central. In this case a solution constitutes:

  • Transaction script
  • Excel-template
  • Supporting documentation
  • Predefined data review process

Environment Management

Winshuttle Central provides the controls to manage your scripts and data files across your different SAP environments for development, testing and production. It is therefore not necessary to have separate instances of Winshuttle Central for all of these environments. However, Winshuttle recommends establishing an additional sandbox deployment of Winshuttle Central which can be utilized for training purposes and testing of new processes.

Environment Management

Winshuttle Central has predefined script approval workflows which enforce a governance model where any solution has to be reviewed and approved before it can be enabled against a production SAP environment.

Winshuttle Central also includes a native migration tool which, apart from providing backup/restore capabilities, can be utilized to migrate selective content from a sandbox environment to a production environment as required.