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Bulk condition record management

Bulk Condition Record Management

Creating and maintaining condition records in SAP can be confusing and time consuming, so using a single spreadsheet to manage all of it can be helpful. Design a process so the end user can use one master spreadsheet to extract and upload pricing information for all key combinations in SAP.

Use linked queries and conditionally linked scripts so the user can easily use the same spreadsheet for all condition record variations. (Note that it is recommended to keep scripts small and simple for ease of maintenance--for example, use only one script per scenario.)

For this Solution Accelerator, we will show how you can use one master spreadsheet to extract existing pricing and update new pricing for all condition records to simplify the user experience.


  • Reduces complexity for the user
  • Minimizes complexity for script developers.
  • Does not require users to know SAP or the SAP condition record process


Bulk conditions record management sample files

This download (.ZIP file) contains Transaction, Query, and Excel sample files you can reference and use to help you build your own solution.