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Bulk Material Management

Bulk Material Management

For each business step in a process, link all scripts together. For each script, include conditions that allow them to be run optionally for each material master. This provides the ability to handle bulk materials and the flexibility to create, extend, and/or change different views and/or extensions. In addition, you can use Excel to link scripts to streamline a multi-step SAP process into to a seamless one-step business process.

Setting up bulk materials in SAP usually requires multiple transactions, and some materials might be ready at different stages of a process for a given time. In addition, each material in the process may have different data requirements. In addition, material master records typically require multiple views (e.g. Basic Data, Sales Views, Accounting Views, etc.) and multiple extensions (e.g. plants, sales organizations, storage locations, etc.). Some records need all views and extensions created at the same time, but often business needs require the creation and extension done at multiple phases -- with specific data at each phase, essentially staging data to meet business milestones.

This makes establishing data for the material master process very dynamic. When designing such a process it is good to have one process serve different scenarios that may exist for each material record.


  • Improves the efficiency and usability for the solution by providing a single button to run all steps required for a specific record.