Workflow design notes - address validation

The following steps demonstrate how to add Address Doctor into a form using Winshuttle Designer v10.6. Note that these steps would be similar for any external web service that you might want to add to a form.

First, you must import the service. Then, you add the service to your form.

Importing a Web Service into your solution

  1. In the Designer Solution pane, right-click Web Services, and then click Import.
  2. In the Web service dialog box, next to Name, type a Name for the service (AddressDoctor).
  3. Under Service URL or File Path, enter the URL for the service:
  4. Under Credentials , select Use the logged in Windows Account.

    Note: Although you will need a user name and password, these will be fields available in your form, so you do not need to enter them here.

  5. Click OK.

Importing a Web Service

Adding a Web Service to the form

Now that the service has been imported successfully, it must be added to the form.

  1. On the Designer menu bar, click Tools, and then click Manage Field Mapping.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Next to Service Name, click the drop arrow and select the Name (AddressDoctor) for the Web Service.
  4. Next to Group Name, type a name (Address) for the group. Note that only alphabetical characters can be used here. This group name will also become the name of a folder (in InfoPath) containing all of the fields available from the web service that can be used in your form.
  5. Next to Operation, click the arrow and then click Validate.
  6. Click OK.

    Note: The Manage Field Mappings configuration window displays the input and output values for the Web service. This is where you can change field mappings if necessary. For this example we don't need to make any changes.

  7. Click Generate InfoPath Form.
  8. Click OK.

Adding Web Service to Form


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