Workflow design notes - data validation

Non-SAP Data Validation

External Web Services

You can integrate data validation by an external (third-party) data service. An example of this is validating a postal address with a standard format by calling an external Web service.

For Winshuttle Designer version 10.6 and later, you can add the external Web service through the Web Services option (in the Solution pane on the right hand side).

Note: Prior to Winshuttle Designer 10.6, this would usually require Java Scripting to call the external Web service.

To add an external Web service in Winshuttle Designer v10.6, do the following:


  1. In the Designer solution pane, right-click Web Services.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Enter the following information in the Web Service dialog box (shown below):
    • Name
    • Select WSDL file or URL path
    • Select Use Specified Account, and type in the appropriate Login credentials
  4. From here, the steps are the same as adding an SAP Web service. For more information, see Adding a Web Service in the Winshuttle Designer Guide.