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Data Validation

Add data validations (SAP rules and business value add rules) where mistakes might occur in data entry within a form. Notifying the user of the users of errors when data is first entered instead of at the time of approval or loading into SAP.

In active data governance processes, you can improve data quality by validating data at the point of entry (before the data is loaded to SAP) and thus reduce the number of approvals required to complete the process. Data validation is performed against rules inside of SAP and against business value-added rules outside of SAP.

TIP: Planning ahead is key!
Plan out the location and number of validations each form requires, i.e. consider all the people involved in a process, because it affects the number of scripts required and the design for your form. Importing all scripts into Designer before you create the form is easier than adding scripts later in the process.


  • Improves data quality and reduces inaccurate data
  • Reduces the time required to load data into SAP.
  • Reduce or eliminate rounds of approvals that can occur when data is resent