Workflow design notes - dynamic default values

Dynamic workflow paths

Set conditions on a workflow route based on field values in the form.

  1. First, promote any fields that will decide which path to follow in a workflow in Microsoft InfoPath. See Promoting Fields to drive workflow decisions under Form design notes for Dynamic default values.
  2. Save and close InfoPath.
  3. Open Winshuttle Designer.
  4. Select/highlight the transition path (Workflow route) you want to set a condition on.
  5. Click the condition button (to the right of the Condition field) to create a condition.
  6. In the Edit Condition dialog box, right click in the text box to retrieve the promoted fields from InfoPath (see example below).

  7. Select the Field that you want to determine a path, and then set its value.
    In this example, plant equals 1000. (See the following example for the syntax.)

    Note: If your field on the form has a data type set to "Text (string)", then you will need to use quotes around the value (i.e. "1000"). Otherwise if the data type is set to a number then you can use a value without quotes. Additionally if you plan to use the <, >, <= or >= operator in your condition, you must use a numeric field.

See Setting Transition Properties in the Winshuttle Designer Process Guide for more help on Boolean expressions for Designer.