Script design notes - naming conventions

For Script naming conventions, we suggest:

  1. Use the name of your form
  2. Add a description of what the script/web service is doing
  3. Add the SAP transaction code.

    Example: A script that adds vendor bank details for a create vendor form would be named: Vendor Create - XK02 - Add Bank Details.

If your environments are shared across a server, then consider adding the SAP client to the name--for example, Vendor Create - XK02 - Add Bank Details - 500.

This enables you to republish the script to another environment (but on the same server), but rename the script and web service with the new SAP Client.

Note that if you have separate servers for all your environments then the SAP Client is not necessary.

Naming fields in Winshuttle Transaction

When you have many scripts in a form it can create a confusing list of field descriptions when you generate the form.

When field descriptions are the same, an underscore and a number will be added to the description--for example, Purchaser_1, Purchaser_2, etc. (IF you select 'Use existing fields' when you generate the form).

Suggestion: Rename the field description in Winshuttle Transaction. For example, add _change or _read to the Field Description. This ensures you are in control of what the fields are called and makes it easier for anyone who is developing or trouble shooting the form after you.