Workflow design notes - naming conventions

If your form is for Creating a Vendor, name your solution and form Vendor Create and not Create Vendor. This ensures that the form appears in your ‘Winshuttle Form Library’ under V. If users are looking for Vendor forms, they will find it more easily (along with any other Vendor forms,such as Vendor Change and Vendor Deactivate)--instead of looking through numerous Create- and Change- forms.

Name the Form XML Group

In the Manage Field Mappings screen, the Group will be the name given to the folder that contains all the fields for the Web service the form.

When you decide on a name for this group, remember that someone else may have to review the form or trouble shoot it after it has been developed. Use names that are intuitive and eliminate guesswork. This is especially important if you have many scripts/web services for your form.


Naming a Web group


Applying unique names automatically

You can create a Name Template based upon your form. For example, for a Vendor Creation form, you could create a name template as follows:


This name template is created from:

  • A constant (VendorCreate-)
  • The year (2014)
  • Another constant (-)
  • A number (000000) that automatically increases by 1.

So in this example, the year will automatically change when appropriate. This naming convention would also provide 999,999 instances of the form per year, which should be sufficient for most cases.

Editing a name template in Winshuttle Designer

See the Winshuttle Designer Help Center for more information about Name Templates.