Workflow design notes - prepopulating fields

Adding scripts/queries

When adding the scripts/queries as a New Web Service for the first time, use a name for the XML group that identifies the scripts such as “Change” or “MaterialChange”. (See Naming Conventions for additional information.)

  1. On the menu bar, click Tools, and then click Manage Field Mappings.
  2. Click Add.

  3. Add all the required scripts and queries for your form using a unique XML Group name.
  4. After all scripts and queries have been added, click Generate InfoPath Form.

Verify mappings

Open InfoPath and verify that the mappings inside Designer matches the correct fields. Ensure both Designer and InfoPath are in sync, i.e. have the same field mappings. (Also see Form Design Notes).

Note: If you have the same field name more than once, you will see the same field name with a "_1" after it in InfoPath. This indicates that 2 different fields have been created.

  1. If you have to add additional scripts after generating the InfoPath Form, click Use existing fields (see below) to prevent creating the same fields again.

  2. In InfoPath, in the right-hand pane, check your field names. If fields are generated twice (usually designated by the "_1", "_2", etc. appended to the name), then delete the extras.