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Prepopulating fields

Prepopulate fields with SAP (or other) data so form workflow participants can view existing values or copy data in a form. This is generally recommended for the following scenarios:

  • When a user is changing a record, it is useful to be able to view the existing values prior to the change.
  • When a similar record is used to copy data to create a new record. Typically this is the case with material master records and similar to SAP's copy from… feature. This enables the user to only to modify the fields that are different.

In addition, you can dynamically set default values based on other data in a form. (See Dynamic default values for additional information.)


  • Reduces the time required to fill out a form
  • Enables workflow particpants to see an existing record to help fill out a form.
  • Display script or query enables you to pull fields directly from SAP into a form.
  • Eliminates the need to look up values, and may reduce the time required to research field values.

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