Workflow design notes - role-specific form views

Think about all the roles in your workflow first and what each user needs to do to a form. If necessary, you can easily modify a workflow and add role-specific views after it has already been created.

Start by creating a simple workflow and then build upon it. After you have designed the workflow and identified how many different roles are required for it, you can decide how many form views you need.

Note that some roles can have the same responsibility. For example, a form might have a 2-level approval process (i.e. Manager and Director) where both levels could view the same data and approve or reject the form. It is only necessary to create a different view if different fields need to be displayed or edited, or if different functionality (e.g. look up vales, validation or SAP update) is required.

How to create a form view

Open Winshuttle Designer. Under Winshuttle Solution, right-click Form Views, and then select New.

This creates a new view (View 1, View 2 and so on).

If you wish to rename the view to something more descriptive, under Form View, click the name of the view and then type the new name ("Manager" for example). Once you generate the InfoPath Form, you will see all the views you created from within Winshuttle Designer.

Note: You should add views in Winshuttle Designer and not directly in Microsoft InfoPath. This allows you to connect the views to the steps in the workflow where you want to see the view.

Assigning Views to a step in the Workflow

After you create your form views in Winshuttle Designer, you will need to identify which view should be used for each step in your workflow.

First click on the step you wish to assign, then under the Forms Section of the pain on the left-hand side use the drop down for the FormView value (these should show a list of the views you have already created in the previous step).

Video: How to assign a view