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Give users the ability to search (Query) with real-time access to SAP in order to help reduce record duplication. This is especially useful when dealing with Master Data records (e.g. Material, Customer and/or Vendor Master, etc.). The search might allow the user to find the record number they want to change or verify if the Master Data record has already been created. 

A common practice for creating new Material Master records is to find and copy a similar material master record, make the required changes, and then create the new record. A search function supports this practice, and helps reduce record duplication.

Also note the wild card capability is recommend in case the user does not even know the exact details of the search criteria (e.g name or description).  This can be done in the Winshuttle Query before importing into a solution file.

A separate step is used to prepopulate the fields with the existing data (see Prepopulating fields). 


  • Helps users find the exact master data number they want to change, find or copy. 
  • Reduce data duplication.
  • Enables users to search as often as needed in the form to ensure the correct data is found.
  • Creates a more user-friendly and familiar experience.

    Note: The example and video shown in this section is a Material Master Create, but any Master Data record could apply in the same context.

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Material Master Search Solution File