Form design notes - revision loop

Set a cancelation option

It is usually recommended to add a cancelation option to a form in case it needs to be canceled and not re-routed for corrections or approvals. This is optional, but it helps ensure you don’t get stuck in a loop that requires an approval to complete the form.

When a cancelation option is used, you usually have two possible conditions to meet in order to complete the loop. In most cases, either an approval or a cancelation will end the loop; otherwise the steps in the loop will be repeated until one of the conditions is meet.

You can easily add a cancelation option in the form of a check box. Leave the checkbox unchecked by default; if the box is checked, it will terminate (end) the workflow without forcing it through the process again (i.e. loop).

The revision loop example shown in Workflow design notes requires either an MDG Approval OR cancel option set to true.

Add an additional view for the revision

When using a cancelation option, it is also recommended to create an additional view to add a checkbox for canceling the form.

To do this in Designer:

  1. Under Winshuttle Solution, right-click on Form Views and then click New.
  2. Give the new view a name--for example, "revision".

NOTE: Create this view in the form last. Make sure all other processes are tested and working properly first, and then you can copy and paste the original view to the revision view. Then all you need to do is add the revision checkbox.

Revision view example

Promoting fields in InfoPath

When you set a condition for a loop, you will also need to promote the fields used to define the condition in InfoPath.

To promote a field in InfoPath, do the following:

  1. On the InfoPath menu bar, click File, and then click Form Options.
  2. Click Property Promotion
  3. Click Add
  4. Select the field from the form, and then click OK.

  5. Promoting the fields in InfoPath triggers the fields to show up in Designer when setting the Conditions under the Fields dropdown (see below).