Modifying SharePoint Data Connections in your Winshuttle Solution

Once you have migrated your SharePoint Lists and Libraries to your new Winshuttle Forms Site, you still need to re-establish all of the SharePoint data connections within your Winshuttle Solution. Changing the data connections to point everything to a new location is a straightforward process, but it does take time to test everything.

For simple forms that involve only 1 or 2 data connections and contain less than 300 fields, you should allow for 1-2 days to do a proper implementation of your new data connections with testing. For larger forms with 3 or more data connections and more than 300 fields, you should allow for at least 3 days to implement and test.

When it comes to modifying your SharePoint Data connections in your form and workflow, there are a couple options:

  • Use the SVConfigurator tool to search and replace all of your data connections.
  • Use the Microsoft InfoPath Manage Data Connections Wizard to modify your data connections, and then change Winshuttle Custom Controls to refer to the newly established data connection.