Publishing your Winshuttle Solution to a Production Environment

Winshuttle Workflow version 10.4 introduced a Solution Package Library to Winshuttle Central. The Solution Package Library is a central location that stores Winshuttle Solutions.

If you publish a solution to a Production Environment, the solution must be submitted and approved before publishing to SharePoint. However, if necessary the approval process can be turned off within Winshuttle Central Administration from the Workflow Configurations page.

  • If you use the approval process: The Winshuttle solution cannot be published until the ‘Runable’ column within the Solution Package Library for the solution is set to Yes.
  • If you do not use the approval process: Once the Solution is submitted, the Runable column within the Solution Package Library for the solution is automatically set to No.

To publish your Winshuttle Solution to a Production Environment, do the following:

  1. Launch your Winshuttle Solution.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, setup your new Deployment Profile and set the newly created profile to active.

  3. Go to File > Submit Solution…
  4. In the title field, enter a desciptive name for your solution.
  5. In the description field, type a description for the solution.
  6. If you have multiple Solution Package Libraries setup for your Winshuttle CENTRAL Site: In the CENTRAL desintation field, enter the correct Solution Package Library. (If you have only one setup, it should default to that library).

  7. Click Submit.
  8. Navigate to your Winshuttle Solution Package Library, and then verify that your Solution Package was submitted successfully.

    NOTE: If you require an approval process, the Runable column should be set to No. See Implementing Custom Workflows for more information.

    Tip: If you require an approval process for submitted solutions to a production system, you can also use Winshuttle Designer to create a custom approval process using the Set Column Plugin to set the Runable column to Yes.

  9. Hover your mouse over the Name until you see a Drop Down Arrow appear.
  10. Click Edit Properties

  11. Depending on your Solution Package Library Settings, you may get prompted to check out the document before you can edit it. Click OK.

  12. Next to Runable, click (check) the checkbox.

  13. Click Save
  14. If you were prompted to check out the document, you must check it back in before using it. Hover your mouse over the item and Click the drop down arrow.
  15. Click Check In. (If you do not see this option in the Drop Down List, you can assume that the document is checked in already.)

  16. Launch Winshuttle Designer.
  17. On the toolbar, click the Retrieve Solution button.

  18. In the Specify CENTRAL Site window, enter the link to your Winshuttle CENTRAL Site.
  19. Click OK
  20. In the launched dialog box, select you Winshuttle Solution File and Click Open.

  21. Without doing anything else (making changes, pressing any other buttons) in Winshuttle Designer, click the PublishSolution button on the toolbar.

    If you accidentally click another button or make a change to your Solution, you must retrieve the Solution File again. If changes are needed, you must go through the submission process again.

  22. Your Winshuttle Solution is now Published.