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License Restrictions

The Winshuttle products (the “Software”) may require an electronic license key (“License Key”). As a condition of use, each License Key delivered to Licensee by Winshuttle shall be assigned to and used by a single, designated named user and may not be shared or transferred to any other individual end user. A named user may not use their License Key to access the Winshuttle Software on behalf of any other individual, even if such individual also has a Windows ID for interaction with SAP products. Additional and/or replacement License Keys may be obtained from Winshuttle.

The Winshuttle licensing compliance guidelines include the following provisions for the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) “bots” or other software programs that cause a Studio script to run:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots may only be used with a full Studio RPA Runner license on an annual subscription basis. Bots may not be used with a Studio Runner named-user license. Customers wanting to use RPA bots or other software programs via the Command Line Interface with the Winshuttle Studio software to cause a Studio script to run must purchase a full Studio RPA Runner annual subscription license.
  • Allowing multiple bots to use the same Studio RPA Runner license is not allowed. Additionally, people and bots cannot share the same Studio Runner license.
  • A single bot using a Studio RPA Runner license cannot run Studio scripts using multiple SAP IDs in a single SAP system. In addition, a bot may not run a Studio script using a human SAP ID.
  • A human SAP ID should have a named-user Studio license. Similarly, a named-user Studio license may not be used to run a SAP bot ID.
  • A named-user Licensee is allowed two license moves per quarter per maintenance year. A Studio RPA Runner license may not be moved between bots.

Licensee’s license administrator may reassign a named-user license if the existing user is no longer employed with the Licensee or has changed jobs. At Winshuttle’s discretion, additional named-user license moves may be allowed.

Winshuttle retains the right to disable all Licensee site functionality, including without limitation reporting, license moves, and user management, if maintenance expires or is terminated for any reason. If functionality is disabled, authentication via Connect and the use of modules that have been paid for is still allowed.

Sharing of licenses is a breach of the Winshuttle terms of service and may result in a suspension of the Licensee account or termination of the License Agreement.

Winshuttle Connect
Connect is a license management system for Studio. Any other Connect functionality is provided as a courtesy by Winshuttle to users. Winshuttle reserves the right to discontinue, add, or remove Connect features at any time without prior notice; this excludes basic license management functionality required for use of the Studio software. In addition, unsupported versions of Studio are not guaranteed to work in perpetuity because Winshuttle must counter security threats and/or adopt new technologies for the license management system on an ongoing basis.

Using Winshuttle products after reading this documentation constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein. Please review the End User License Agreement.