Adding a single user

  1. On the Users page, click Add a User.

  2. Fill in the required information. An email address is required, but you can also enter the user's name, contact information, etc.
  3. Under License Management, select one or more licenses and their corresponding License Type to assign the user.

    Winshuttle LMS License Management screenshot

  4. Under Permissions & Status, select one or more user roles:
    • User & License Admin: Can add users, assign permissions to use licenses, and transfer your own licenses to another License Administrator.
    • Reports Admin: Can view usage reports on the Connect site.
    • Winshuttle Admin: Can perform any action on the Connect site with regards to licenses, administration, etc. This is the highest level of permissions. There can be only 1 Winshuttle Admin at a time.

    See User roles and permissions overview for information.

  5. Click Save.