Administrative actions

The following administrative actions are available to users with the License & User Admin role and/or the Winshuttle Admin role (see User roles and permissions for additional information):

  • Delete a user.
  • Block a user from using client products (Transaction, for example). This will also block a user from using the Connect site.
  • Unblock a user that has been blocked from using client products.
  • Unlock a user account that has been locked because it exceeded the set number of incorrect login attempts. See Administrative settings: Account Lockout for more information.

    Note: You can only perform an administrative action on an account with an assigned role that is lower than the highest level role assigned to your account.

In other words:

  • A Winshuttle Admin can perform all of these functions on any account, including other Winshuttle Admins.
  • A License and User Admin can only run these actions on accounts with the Reports Admin role or lower (i.e. accounts with no assigned role).