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Winshuttle Connect FAQ

I can't see my licenses

Under Licenses, click the License list drop down, and then click the product name. The number of licenses available for that product should appear. See Viewing Licenses for more information.

I don't have enough licenses. What should I do?

If you realize that you require more licenses, you have two options: you can buy more through the Send License Request page, or you can check your existing licenses and possibly revoke licenses from users who no longer need them.

Can I still work if I lose my Internet connection?

Yes. Full functionality is available for your programs through Connect for up to 6 hours after the Internet is disconnected. However, you must be authenticated once before the disconnection, so that it is clear to Connect that you are a valid user. This prevents unlicensed users from working offline.

Can I use concurrent logons?

It is possible to log on to two computers at the same time. When you log on to the second computer, a message appears to tell you that you are logged on twice, but you can continue to work. You cannot log on to a third machine. For more information, contact your Winshuttle Connect administrator.

Can I remove myself as license admin?

You can relinquish the role of license admin. But you must first assign the license admin role to another user.

What is the difference between a license and an account?

An account belongs to an organization or company. In certain circumstances, a company can have more than one account.

A license is attached to an individual user (or bot). It can be blocked, or revoked and reassigned to another user (or bot).

What if I do not see the licenses from a purchase made?

License orders are displayed according to the email of the user who placed the order and by product. If you are certain that you placed an order but cannot see it when you try to review license orders, ensure that you filtered for the correct email address and correct product.

Why doesn't search return results?

In Connect, you can search in search or filter boxes by typing in the full name or word or part of a name or word. Wildcards return no results. For example, if you're searching for Mary, Ma will return results, and Ma* will not.