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Citrix installation with Winshuttle products

For Citrix installation information relevant for Winshuttle product versions 20.0 and after, please see Citrix Installation.

Winshuttle products will work on Citrix if your users have either the Winshuttle Central or the Winshuttle Connect license model. Follow the steps below to install any of the Winshuttle products on a Citrix environment.

First, make the following changes on the Citrix server:

  1. Install SAP GUI on the Citrix server.
  2. Install Microsoft Excel and/or Access on the Citrix server.
  3. Install your Winshuttle products on the Citrix server.
  4. Set up Central/Foundation Server or the Connect site to provide licenses for the products that are installed on the Citrix environment.

Important: Make sure that users have access to the directory listed below as this is where users settings are stored (including license settings):

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Winshuttle
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Winshuttle

In our experience, it does not matter which version of Citrix, VM, etc., is used as long as the 3 components below are installed within the Citrix environment on the same machine. If that machine allows users to create appdata files(and can talk to Connect/Central, there are no known issues.

  • SAP GUI hosted in WAH as a virtual application
  • Microsoft Office hosted in WAH as a virtual application
  • Winshuttle products hosted in WAH as a virtual application

In the current context (10.x versions of our products), we have performed basic Acceptance testing on the following configurations:

  • Xen App 6.5 (Trial Version)
  • Virtual Desktops; 10.x releases were never tested with Apps virtualization

For the QE Team, all installations and configurations are being done by the IT Team only. They can respond to your concerns and questions.

For Studio v11 release, basic acceptance testing has been done on the following configurations:

  • Xen App 7.6 (Licensed version as now we have bought 5 life time concurrent licenses)
  • App Virtualization

Note: We are not claiming or denying support of any other versions of Citrix; we have tested only on these versions, however, whichever were available at a given time. We do not carry out testing on Citrix beyond what is currently covered in the article above. We do rely on Citrix administrators at your company to know the steps within Citrix itself beyond this, because deployment on Citrix as an application hosting solution is not unusual.