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Logging on to SAP

Introduction: Record the Business Process

Introduction: Mapping the data source to the recording

Introduction: Creating loops

Introduction: Submitting a file for review

Introduction: Running the recording

Record, map, run

You use Transaction to transfer data between Microsoft Excel and any SAP system in three easy steps — Record, Map, and Run

1 — Record the business process. The recording allows you to teach TRANSACTION how to execute a particular SAP Transaction. The recording process defines which SAP screens to go to and which fields to populate.

2 — Map the SAP data fields. Map the SAP data fields captured during the initial recording to a data sheet. The built-in Mapper makes the mapping process easy and intuitive.

3 — Run the recording. Run the recorded and mapped file using data from your source file. Error messages returned from SAP are logged into source document, in the same file as the data records.

Data sources

Depending on your Winshuttle environment, TRANSACTION supports Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and XML data sources. See the TRANSACTION Advanced Guide for more information. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use the transaction code, or t-code, MM02. Our data source is an Excel worksheet.