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Introduction: Submitting a file for review

After creating a script and data sheet template, you may need to submit it for review. TRANSACTION provides a wizard to guide you through the process for submitting a file.

To submit a file for approval

Step 1. Complete script file information

A .TxR or script file describes how the data that you upload to SAP should be processed.

Files with a production status

If you submit a file and a file with the same name already exists on the server in production status, and if you also created the server file, the new file is considered a revision of the existing file. The first version is archived by SharePoint and the new version becomes the current file. Alternatively, you can give the new file another name to create a unique file.

Files with non-production status or another file creator

If you submit a file and a file with the same name already exists on the server but is not in production or was created by someone else, you cannot revise the existing file, and must submit the new file with another name.

Step 2. Complete data template information

A data template is a file in the output type you want that includes the headers you selected during the mapping stage. An example of a template is a script file with headers.

You must create a data template when you send a script for review. When you resend a previously rejected file for approval, you can create a new template, if you want.

Note: it is not possible to attach a data template if the data destination is an XML form.

Step 3. Complete supporting documents information

Supporting documents include extra scripts, data sheets, or any other files that explain what you are submitting for approval.

Summary: Submit

On the Summary page, you can edit any of the previous pages. When you the wizard is completed, click Submit.

Assigning a data review process and a reviewer

After you complete the wizard to submit the file for review, you must then select the type of review process and the reviewer.

  1. Close TRANSACTION. You will receive e-mail notification that a review process and reviewer must be assigned. The task for this file also appears in the My Tasks pane in the TRANSACTION home page.
  2. Open TRANSACTION again, and then open the new file from the My Tasks list.
  3. In the CENTRAL pane, under My Actions, click View.
  4. In the Review tasks window, select Review and Post-One Step, Review and Post Separately, or No Data Review Process.
  5. Select a reviewer for the file. Click Complete Task.

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