Transaction Getting Started Guide

Introducing Winshuttle TRANSACTION
New Features in version 10.6/10.7
Getting started with Transaction
Step 1. Download
Step 2. Install
Step 3. Licensing
Step 4. Open
Step 5. Record
Step 6. Map
Step 7. Submit
Step 8. Run
Activating a Winshuttle license for CENTRAL
Contacting Customer Support
Finding out which build you are using
Using the Customer Center
System requirements for Studio 10.7.3
Authorization check
Connecting to SAP
Production versus nonproduction servers
Looking up an SAP transaction code
Looking up an SAP technical table or field name
What types of data source files can I use?
Record, map, run
Logging on to SAP
Introduction: Record the Business Process
Introduction: Mapping the data source to the recording
Introduction: Creating loops
Introduction: Submitting a file for review
Introduction: Running the recording
Reviewing transaction history: the log viewer
While attempting to run, I get "Protocol error when communicating with SAP GUI"
Everything looks right in my script. Why won’t it upload?
The add-in for Excel is not appearing
Why can’t I validate the data? The Validate button is not appearing.
Why can’t I see the usual screens in my SAP transaction?
Can I toggle between batch and non-batch modes while running a script?
Why can’t I open SAP? My logon screen is blank, without any systems listed.
How can I change values that don’t fit in the first view (MM02)
How do I handle fields that do or do not appear on the screen?
How can I select an SAP view?