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Introducing Winshuttle RUNNER for TRANSACTION

Setting preferences

Paths, data read preferences, and data defaults

To open assorted application defaults

Path defaults

Default paths indicate where different types of RUNNER for TRANSACTION files are stored, including the data source files, such as Excel, script files (.TXR extension), log files, and Auto Logon (ALF) files.

You can either click the folder icon on the right to browse to the default file location you want to select, or type in the default file path. The defaults values are:

Excel and other source files: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\Winshuttle\Transaction\Data

TRANSACTION scripts: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\Winshuttle\Transaction\Scripts

Log files: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\Winshuttle\Transaction\Log

Auto Logon (ALF) files: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\Winshuttle\Transaction\ALF

Excel file defaults

You can specify default behavior for the Excel sheet previews and data sheets.

Sheet name: Default Excel sheet to use when running your script file. The default is Sheet 1.

Log column: Default Excel column where all messages are returned. The default is E. (See "Error management" for more information.)

Use Excel spreadsheet in the mapper preview: This setting allows you to toggle between a simpler grid-like preview and an enhanced Excel preview that replicates the complete Excel sheet.

The enhanced Excel preview provides faster preview loading, the capability to map more than 256 columns, and a view of graphic and formatted data, such as controls and charts.

NOTE: Make sure the column you assign for the log results is empty. RUNNER for TRANSACTION overwrites any data in the specified Log column with the RUNNER for TRANSACTION log results.

Data read preferences

Select how TRANSACTION interprets Excel data using either of the available formats: As stored (internally) or As displayed (the default). For example, the actual stored internal value in column C is 2.146, but this value is displayed as 2.15. If you select the As stored setting, it is read as 2.146. However, if you select the As displayed setting, it is read as 2.15. In either case, the selected format represents the value that is passed to SAP.

Important: Ensure that the SAP field that is mapped to this column matches the format of the data in the Excel worksheet, in addition to the format of your data-read preferences. For example, if the SAP field is formatted to accept only two decimal places, and you pass a number that contains more than two decimal places, an error message is displayed.

Usage defaults

Enter the Excel worksheet usage defaults:

No. of rows to remain empty before RUNNER for TRANSACTION stops: Use this value to determine the number of consecutive empty rows allowed before the run stops automatically. For example, if the default is set to 5, RUNNER for TRANSACTION automatically stops running after it processes five consecutive empty rows.

Trim data before uploading into your SAP System: Mark this check box to remove the leading and trailing spaces from the data read before uploading into your SAP system. Leave this check box blank if you want to keep the leading or trailing spaces.

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