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Setting preferences

Client connection settings

Depending on your firewall and email policies, your organization may select to route email through the internal email server or the Winshuttle default email server.

To set up email connections

  1. On the Tools tab, click Options.
  2. Click Client Connection Settings.
  3. Select Winshuttle default mail or Internal e-mail server.
  4. For an internal account, select settings for the account that should receive the results:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server: Provide the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server.
    • Server port number: By default, the server port number is 25. Contact to your IT department to confirm the port number for your organization.
    • Attachment size limit (MB): Specify the maximum attachment size. The attachment size should not exceed the size allowed on the exchange server.
    • From Email address: Specify the Exchange server e-mail address to which the message should be sent.

    Note: Application sends the e-mail message with attachment (with the configuration specified) only when the user is logged on to the system, with his or her domain authentication.

Proxy settings for Connect

Proxy settings are used for Connect and are similar to Internet sittings. Consult your system administrator before you change any proxy settings.

To configure a proxy setting

  1. Click Proxy Server Settings.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Use system proxy. Click OK.


    • Click Custom proxy.
    1. Select the Authentication Required check box.
    2. Type in the username and password. Click OK.

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