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Run a Transaction script from Excel

Studio includes the Winshuttle Studio Add-in for Excel, which adds a Winshuttle Run tab to the Microsoft Excel ribbon.

Note: If you are running 32-bit Office, consider changing to a 64-bit Office installation or adding memory for optimal performance.

A script developer can publish a script, which embeds it in a data file. Then script runners can open the Excel data file and run the script.

  1. Open the data file in Excel. Or open a blank workbook.
  2. Click the Winshuttle Run tab.
  3. Click Logon To Winshuttle.

    log on to winshuttle button

  4. Click Log on to SAP, enter your credentials, and then click OK.

    log on to sap button

  5. Click the script that you want to run, if the workbook includes more than one script. Or click Open Script and browse to the script that you want to run.

    The script opens.

    coommands in the ribbon

  6. If you opened a blank workbook, click Write Headers.
  7. Enter the data that you want to upload.
  8. Click Run.

    Note: If you open a new instance of Excel, you need to log on again.

Other Winshuttle Run features

  • Run Specified Range: To upload only some of the rows in your data file. Use the Start Row and End Row boxes to specify the range.
  • Run & Stop on Errors: To stop the run on the SAP screen where the error happened. This option brings the SAP screen into the foreground whenever an error occurs during the run.
  • Run First 5 Transactions: To run the first five rows in the data file to test the data before you start a large run.
  • Run Only Error Rows: To process rows after you have fixed the data in them.
  • Run Only Unprocessed Rows: To run rows that have been added or were not processed because the run stopped. This option can be set by the person running the script.
  • Filtered Rows: If you want to run only some of the rows in the spreadsheet, click the Specified Rows button and then click Filtered.

    Important: You must apply data filters to all columns in the spreadsheet. Select the entire header row or select one header cell, and then click the Data tab and click Filter.

  • Debug: To open the SAP console and step through the script screen by screen while uploading data from the data file to SAP. For more options, click the arrow under the Debug button and choose Debug Specified Range or Debug First Row Only.

Disable the Excel Add-in

If you need to disable the Studio v11 Excel Add-in or the Transaction v10.x Excel Add-in, do the following:

  1. In Excel, click the File tab, and then click Options.
  2. Click Add-Ins.
  3. Click the Manage box, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go.
  4. Uncheck the box for the add-ins that you want to disable:
    • The TRANSACTION box is for v10.x.
    • The WinshuttleStudioAddin box is for Studio v11.