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Introducing Winshuttle RUNNER for TRANSACTION

Reviewing transaction history: the log viewer

The RUNNER for TRANSACTION Log Viewer provides you with a comprehensive log of all successful and unsuccessful transactions.

To use the log viewer

The Log Viewer contains these settings:

Total records uploaded through TRANSACTION. Total number of records uploaded through RUNNER for TRANSACTION.

Total time saved. Displays the calculated total time saved in hours (hhmmss) and in working days (00.0) for a Full Time Equivalent (FTE).

Viewing ROI details

Click any of the script names in the list to view the ROI details for that line item at the bottom of the screen.

TRANSACTION scripts log list

The Log Viewer lists each of the RUNNER for TRANSACTION script log files stored including:

TRANSACTION script: Displays the name of the TRANSACTION script recording that was run.

Mode: Displays the mode of recording. If the file was created using DIRECT template, DIRECT template is set as the mode of recording.

Data File: Displays the data file name used for the run.

Upload date and time: Displays the date and time that the TRANSACTION script was run. Information is in the format date hh:mm:ss and am/pm.

System: Displays the SAP system used for the run.

User: Indicates the user name.

Client: Displays the Client used for the run.

Run Reason: Displays the Run Reason entered on the Run screen for this TRANSACTION script.

Records: Displays the number of records processed in this run.

Errors: Displays the number of errors identified in this run.

SAP TCode: Displays the TRANSACTION code or, for DIRECT files, Function Module, name with which the TRANSACTION script was created and run.

Run Time: Displays the total time taken for the TRANSACTION script to run in the format hh:mm:ss.

ROI chart

You can create an ROI chart that depicts activities in your TRANSACTION environment.

To create the ROI chart

To view chart details

  1. To view labels and details on an individual each chart, click Zoom In.
  2. To view all four charts, click Zoom Out.

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