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Run: Download the data from SAP

run step of choose define map run process

First, save the Query script, and then run it to download the data.

  1. Click Save.

    button top left of screen

  2. Make any changes you want to the path or file name for the script file and the data file.
  3. Click the Run tab and adjust any of the following settings:
    • To make a test run, type a number in the # Records box. Or click the arrow below the Run button and click Run Script and Retrieve Only 50 Records.
    • To find out how big the run will be, click Number of Entries.
    • To ensure that future runners provide a run reason, check the Require Run Reason box.
    • To free up resources for other tasks to run on the SAP server, check the Run as SAP Background Process.
    • To download many records without impacting performance on the SAP system, be sure that the Enable Adaptive Query Throttling box is checked.
    • To control how Studio Query chunks the data, check the Data Chunks box and enter a value. The maximum allowed value is 450000.

    Important: If you are downloading data to a text file (.txt), choose the Record Delimiter and Header Delimiter.

  4. Click Run.
  5. Provide values for any user-defined values, and then confirm the query criteria by clicking OK.

    The data is downloaded to the Excel file.

Stop a table-based query run

If you inadvertently begin a large run, stop the query by clicking the Stop button.

You can stop a running query only if it has been created from tables. You cannot stop a query run that was created with InfoSets, SAP queries, or logical databases.